Cover Girl

So I’ve always had this vision since I was a kid that I was going to be a model who made it to New York to be on the cover of a magazine! I felt it in my very being that it was going to happen. I would sit with my unbrushed hair and my hand me down clothing and shoes that were 2 sizes too big for me and smelled of corn chips, knowing that one day I was going to do something cool and have the nicest clothes ever. It was a dream that I was determined to make a reality! This brings me to a story…

I remember this one time that I had a friend over when I was a kid. I went to the bathroom and when I came back I discovered that this friend had stolen all my clothes and jumped out of my bedroom window. First off,  we lived in a small town in northern Saskatchewan that had about 1200 people, and I am pretty much related to just about everyone. Second, we knew where she lived. After this happened I went and told my mom and we went to her house to recover my things. We found her in her room with a garbage bag full of my belongings. Obviously her mom made her give them back to me, but I remember walking home and asking myself why she would want my clothes, they were not even cool. The two of us still hung out after that, and I never asked her why she stole my clothes, but I had the sense that she felt my clothes were nicer than hers, so I ended up giving her most of the clothes that she had taken.

Realizing that my not so “cool” clothes, that I felt were actually garbage, were like gold to my friend caused me to learn something very important. My friend taught me that what you have may feel like nothing to you, but may mean so much to someone else. 

I have not yet made it to New York, but I did make it on to the cover of a magazine! SAY Magazine is Indigenous owned and shares the powerful stores of Indigenous people across Turtle Island. I am very honoured that my story left such an impression that they chose me for the cover. The wolf that I am carrying in the photo is used for Ceremony. This wolf has an elaborate back story that I may tell one day. I want to thank the International Indigenous Speakers Bureau for all their support and their belief in me, you are very much a part of my success <3

The cover of SAY magazine is something permanent and in print, nobody can take that away from me. When I shared this with my dad, he was so excited and proud, this is why I do what I do, because every little success heals my family. 

A message for you:

It doesn’t matter if others feel that your success isn’t great enough, or that the dream you are striving to make reality isn’t up to par with their standards. Your dream has come true, or will soon come true! That’s all that matters! You manifested it and you’re making it happen! Celebrate this!



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